On With the Show, A LIVE Telethon, Benefit Event!

On With the Show: Spotlight on the Future

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket held it’s first ever LIVE telethon on July 26th, featuring appearances, performances and messages of inspiration from Hollywood, Broadway and right here at home, including…

Nick Adams, Tyler Bellmon, Alyse Bierly, Taylor Bistany, Heidi Blickenstaff, Ron Bohmer, Hannah Bonnett, Ryan Borgo, Casey Sayre Boukus, Melissa Brausch, Hannah Breshears, Jack Bulger, Annabelle Burton, Vanessa Calantropo, Liz Callaway, Molly Cerne, Ben Clark, Angie Colonna. Maria Ann Colonna, Jane Condon, Scott Corry, Cynthia Csabay, Donald Dalliare, Addie Doyle, Liz Erardi, Kevin Flynn, Sarah Fraunfelder, Jenny Gifford, Peri Gilpin, Jonah Hale, Clover Heaney, Susan-Kate Heaney, Jennifer Hemphill, John Hemphill, Ella Hofford, Anna Houghton, Lindsey Ireland, Natalie Irlmeier, Allison Janney, Johannah Johnson, Morgan Jones, Sandra Joseph, Christy Kickham, Dan Klintworth, Alex Kopko, TJ Kubler, Maggie Lakis, Roan LaScola, Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Kaela Massey, Rob McClure, Avery Moore, Pat Moran, Pam Murphy, Ronan Murray, Chelsea Lynne Myers, Nate Myers, Robert Newman, Colleen O’Brien, Cate Oberly, Gary Oldman, Eddie Olmo II, Gracie Phillips, Phaedra Plank, Oliver Prose, Shawnee Fierros Casas Richberger, Sam Rockwell, Dee Roscioli, Blake Sauceda, Tanner Schartz, Ondreya Seahorn, Mark Sadek, Sam Seleznow, Pete Sendelbach, Sean Seymour, John Shea, Matthew Sims Jr., Gamarley Smith, Tyler Sodoma, Sharon Stone, Aille Sweeney, Brooke Sweeney, Lea Thompson, William Tipton, Libby Veilleux, John Vento, Mollie Vogt-Welch, Hannah-Jo Weisberg, Tessa Whelden, Adam Winer, Skyler Wright, Roxy York, Tomas Young and Kim Zimmer

With Special Performances by

The Cobbletones   and   The Moby Dick Rehearsed

Thank You to Our Telethon Sponsors

Grand Production Sponsors

Jim and Mary Bennett, Peter and Kay Bernon, Max and Pamela Berry, Robert and Laurie Champion, Kevin and Claudine Curran, Ann and Steven Davis, Susan Doughan, Mary Ellen Ferrel, Andrew Forsyth and Kelly Williams, Stuart and Phyllis Freilich, Ellie Gottwald,  Cecelia Johnson, Harvey Jones, Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Franklin and Lynda Levy, Jeff and Susan Lucier, Chris and Winnie Mortenson, Craig and Ann Muhlhauser, Philip Nardone and Scott Peltier, George and Maria Roach, David and Ellen Ross, Judy Seinfeld, Susan Florence Smith, William Bainbridge Steele and Christopher Putnam Drake, Current Vintage, Susan Zises Green

Production Sponsors

Bruce Beni, Charlie and Jane Forman, Lawrence Gelb and Terry Schubach, Toby Greenberg, Leslie King Grenier, Joe and Linda Hale, Rachel Hobart and Edward Toole, Jill and Stephen Karp, Linda A. Mason, Leo Mullen and Helene Patterson, Charley and Martha Polachi, Larry and Robbie Putterman, Les Silverman, Lisa Soeder, Van Sternbergh, Calista West

Circle of Support

Tom and Suzanne Albani, Peter Barrett, Margaret Boasberg and Chris Bierly, Anne Fitzpatrick, Robert Franklin and Charles Mappin, Victoria Girvan, Don and Kate Heyda, Dave and Barb Kaytes, Dr. Joe Lipuma, Richard and Marianne Moscicki, Patrick Murphy, Courtney O’Neill, Pamela Perun, Joe and Tricia Solari

Event Chairs
Kay Bernon, Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Maria Roach, William Bainbridge Steele

Host Committee

Susan and Ken Ambrecht, Paul Bernon, Peter and Kay Bernon, Max and Pam Berry , Laurie Champion, Kevin and Claudine Curran, Stephen and Ann Davis, Susan Doughan, Mark Donato and Beth English, Mary Ellen Ferrel, Anne Fitzpatrick, Jane Forman, Phyllis Freilich, Kathy Garre-Ayars, Robin Gillen, Victoria Girvan, Ellie Gottwald, Leslie King Grenier, Susan Hostetler, Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Debbie Lewis, Stephanie Long, Susan and Jeff Lucier, Linda Mason, Barbara Mendlowitz, Laurie Monahan, Chris and Winnie Mortenson, Craig and Ann Mulhauser, Phil Nardone and Scott Pelletier, Helene Patterson, Robbie and Larry Putterman, George and Maria Roach, Terry Schubach, Judy Seinfeld, Susan Florence Smith, Lisa Soeder, Elaine Schwartz, William Bainbridge Steele and Christopher Putnam Drake, Susan Zises Green

We wish to express our gratitude to the Performers’ Unions:





through Theatre Authority, Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear on this program.

  • July 26, 2020
    July 26, 2020
  • Run time
  • Bennett Hall
    6:00 PM
  • Directed by:
  • Book:
  • Music by:
  • Producer(s)
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