Jenna & the Whale

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A New Play by Vanessa Garcia and Jake Cline

Following a surfing accident off the coast of Dunes Beach, Florida, Jenna wakes to find herself in the company of a young man named Jonah. He tells her that they are inside the belly of a whale, that he has been here for three years and that there is no chance of escape. Jenna refuses to accept that, and she becomes determined to free them both. Meanwhile, as members of Jenna’s hometown worry about her fate, an unexpected visitor arrives to challenge the bonds and beliefs of this already fractured community.

*Contains Adult Language and Themes*

Written by Miami playwrights Vanessa Garcia (Amparo; Grace, Sponsored by Monteverde) and Jake Cline (Purple Hearts), Jenna & the Whale is about life, death and who we are in a community and as individuals. It’s about the things we see and what we can’t, the things we know and the things we struggle to understand.

Directed by Conor Bagley

Featuring: Gabriel Bonilla, Orlagh Cassidy, Dianne Garriga, Melissa Ann Hubicsak, Rebecca Jimenez, Orlando Mendez and Rachel Pickup

Originally produced for Broadway Virtual by Broadway United, both theatrical production companies owned by Jim Kierstead and William Fernandez, and produced by Adriana Gaviria

We wish to express our gratitude to the Performers’ Unions: ACTORS’ EQUITY ASSOCIATION, AMERICAN GUILD OF MUSICAL ARTISTS, AMERICAN GUILD OF VARIETY ARTISTS, SAG-AFTRA through Theatre Authority, Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear on this program.

  • October 1, 2020
  • Run time
  • Bennett Hall
  • Directed by:
  • Book:
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